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Books Featuring Visually Impaired Characters

Featured BooksChildren and teens with special needs have just as much desire as everyone else to feel a part of and unlike everyone else, they already have something that sets them apart. We need to celebrate the differences that these kids have and empower them in society to be the best they can be.

This is a collection of 25+ pictures books, chapter books and YA novels that feature visually impaired characters. In this list each title is followed by a description of the story and links of where to find the books in the US, UK and audio or braille format. Here you will find stories that normalize visual impairment. Your child can read and feel connected, can relate and recognize that a visual impairment will not hold them back.

“Like everyone else, kids and adults with vision loss and other disabilities need to see themselves in exciting adventure stories. And, To advance inclusion into their natural communities, their peers need to read these stories as well, in order to realize that we all have the same abilities, dreams, faults and foibles.”
Donna W. Hill (author of the Heart of Applebutter Hill)

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