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NASCAR Racer Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Seeks Vision Therapy after Atypical Concussion

Image Credit: Dale Earnhardt Jr. via Instagram

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is known for his skilled NASCAR driving and progressive views on brain injuries and concussions.  Back in June 2016, he suffered a crash on the Michigan International Speedway and was discharged soon after, with barely any symptoms and even performed a few races.  After weeks following the incident, he started experiencing significant symptoms such as “gaze instability” and “loss of balance.”  

Earnhardt says:
“This is scary for me because of the way it’s been different. I’m having balance issues. I’ve never had balance issues before. The eye issues with the stability, I’ve never had that before…It started very slowly, gradually and continued to progress until it stopped and stayed where it is. I don’t know what that tells me about how long this process is going to be. I felt I had a good understanding of concussions in the past, but this is certainly a new one. They all have different symptoms and they all do react differently to treatment and they all have their own time and the length of the recovery is different for everyone.”

His story is important for a number of reasons. 

  • It is important for us all to recognize that there is not one specific way that a brain injury might present.
  • He has been very vocal about taking his brain injuries seriously. 
  • He has been undergoing vision therapy to help with some of the symptoms of his brain injury and he has been very public about posting images of his therapy.  

Image Credit: Dale Earnhardt Jr. via Instagram

To view some of his vision therapy videos and images follow his Instagram here or read more here.

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