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Christy Cuevas

“I brought my son, Cameron to Dr. Suter when I found out she helps kids that struggle in school because of vision problems. I never knew Cameron had vision problems. I thought he could see just fine; however, he did struggle in school. He would not do his work in class and he would not do his homework at home. Cameron’s teachers said he probably had ADD and wanted me to put him on medication.

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Dr. Suter performed several tests and found that Cameron had multiple vision problems including focus and tracking. Dr. Suter recommended that Cameron start a vision therapy program. I learned that vision therapy helps kids train their eyes by using several fun activities. Dr. Suter also prescribed tinted glasses for Cameron which helped him immediately in school.

Cameron went to vision therapy once a week to work with one of Dr. Suter’s therapists and they gave us games that would help train his eyes to work on at home. Cameron really enjoyed playing these games and I was happy that he was getting help while playing the games.

After Cameron completed the vision therapy program I could see a difference in Cameron’s school work. Before vision therapy Cameron would spend hours doing his homework, crying and saying he couldn’t do the work. Afier vision therapy Cameron could focus better, he can now finish his homework in 20 minutes with no crying. Cameron’s reading is more fluent and he is reading much faster. He thinks it is really great when his class is reading a book and he is the first one to finish.

I believe there are more children in schools who are misunderstood. The children that are labeled “trouble makers” because they are disrupting the class could really just have a visul problem and can’t focus on their paperwork. Kids can’t always tell us what the problem is because they don’t know how.

I really appreciate Dr. Suter and her staff for all that they have done to help my son Cameron. I know Dr. Suter could help so many more children if she had the opportunity.”

– Christy Cuevas