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Teresa Rimmer

“Dear Parents,

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A little over a year ago, I sat where are today. I was confused about what to do with my son, and his lack of progress in school. As a Special Education teacher, I was keenly aware of Steven’s lack of progress, but had no idea where to start to help him.

For years, we had been told about Dr. Suter and her use of Vision Therapy.

I made an appointment, and he was first prescribed glasses. Both the other doctor and our school nurse said that his eye problems would’ve never been caught by their tests.

A few months later, we had the wonderful “Miss K“ test Steven. Not only did it confirm for me that there were issues. but that he could be helped with Vision Therapy. We jumped in with both feet and started the journey. After the first unit, Steven started to make wonderful progress. His teacher started sending me notes that he had passed this benchmark with an “A” and that one with a “B”. He was still not reading well, but his confidence soared, and he was able to cut and color as good as, or better than his peers.

By the time we finished his last (5th) unit, Steven is now a reader, with legible handwriting, focused on learning, and succeeding. That isn’t to say that everything is perfect. But the fact that he is able to function in the classroom and succeed is what I most hoped for.

The therapies may seem odd at times, but there is always a reason and a payoff. We have taped numbers and pictures all over our dining room, had a trampoline in our living room, and suspended a ball from an archway. It was all well worth it.

Good luck on your journey. The end comes before you know it, and the change in your child will be your reward.”

– Teresa Rimmer

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