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The Ghost in my Brain

The Ghost in my Brain

The Ghost in my Brain
Clark Elliott

We are starting Brain Injury Awareness Month with reviewing book that is an intimate and personal account of suffering from a concussion.

Clark Elliott had a short blackout as the result of a fairly minor automobile accident. His symptoms were anything but minor. For over a decade he dealt with pain in his skull, balance problems, thinking for long period of time and nausea. He was repeatedly told by doctors that he would have to learn to live with his symptoms.

Eventually Clark crossed paths with an optometrist and cognitive psychologist working on cutting edge research in brain plasticity. Through his connection with them and their new treatments and exercises was able to achieve a full recovery from symptoms.

His book chronicles his journey from the moment of his injury through to recovery. It is a fascinatingly detailed account of his rehabilitation and opens up a window to and unique narrative of the complex workings of our human brain. This book gives hope to millions who suffer from brain injuries every year.

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