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Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Prism Lenses

Anna M. Barrett, MD, is a cognitive neurologist and neuroscientist; she is also the director of Stroke Rehabilitation Research at Kessler Foundation, co-leader of the KIR Stroke Rehabilitation Program, chief of Neurorehabilitation Program Innovation, and a professor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Her ongoing research overviews the close relationship between vision and the brain and how to treat those with acquired neurogenic problems.

A traumatic brain injury can produce cognitive, sensory, or physical impairments. Simple activities like getting ready in the morning, eating breakfast, or walking to your car may become very difficult
tasks. When a person suffers from spatial neglect in the brain, they may perceive the world differently from everyone else. Dr. Barrett speaks about new methods of overcoming these challenges through prism goggles. Watch her TED talk about brain injury rehabilitation and how prism adaptation treatment may help those who have suffered a stroke or head injury.

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