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Heidi Henderson

Dear Dr. Suter, Shari and friends,

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In May 2008 my daughter, Krystal, was involved in a devastating, near fatal accident. Shortly thereafter, while she was a patient at Centre for Neuro Skills, we were introduced Therapy. At that time, she was struggling to see and navigate the world around her.

As a result of the trauma some of her vision deficits included tunnel vision and ‘swimming’ objects. She also suffered from daily headaches and dizziness and was only able to read one to two sentences. Sohool attendance was impossible.

Krystal just ?nished her third unit of VT and we couldn’t be happier with her progress! She has worked very hard and her termination has paid off. This facet of her rehabilitation program has had a huge impact on her quality of life. Her daily headache are a thing of the past. She has returned to school and is even on the honor role! We are so proud of her!

I have been very happy with Krystal’s Vistion Therapy program. Thank you for everything!


Heidi Henderson