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Vision Therapy Helps Toddler with Microphthalmia

Written by Shari L. Stamps


This is my grandson Nikolai who was born with a rare condition called Microphthalmia where one or both eyes are smaller and underdeveloped leading to visual impairment or blindness. Nik’s left eye is blind and he has limited range of motion… in his right eye which is improving through vision therapy. I am thankful every day that I work for an optometrist who specializes in the care of infants to adults with visual processing deficits. Please remember to have your baby’s vision checked within the first year. Where we rely on our vision to guide our other senses, visual processing deficits can delay our children’s development. Nik is currently meeting his milestones and a happy, healthy toddler who is rapidly approaching his first birthday. I am blessed to work in a field where I hope to help other families meet their milestones too.

It’s never too early to get your baby’s vision evaluated. Early detection of visual deficits means early intervention and better success in correcting problems. Have your baby’s vision evaluated within the first year.

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