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August is Vision & Learning Month

We’re declaring 2018 the #SummerofSkills in celebration of Vision & Learning Month in August!

Why the Summer of Skills?

As technology becomes more and more central to our lives, the increased screen time means kids are starting school without basic skills like hand-eye coordination.

Childhood activities like using scissors, drawing, painting, and handwriting are not only a great way to unplug, they also build the vital visual skills that children need to succeed in school and life!

Why “Vision & Learning”?

August was first declared Vision & Learning Month in 1995. The overall goal of this national observance is to help increase awareness among parents and educators on the prevalence undiagnosed or misdiagnosed vision problems.

Due to the incomplete nature of in-school eye screenings, many vision problems can be missed completely or misdiagnosed as other conditions like ADHD.

School screenings provide <4% of the eye tests needed to help children see,
….and miss up to 75% of children with vision problems.
Of the children found to have eye problems through screening, 61% never visit the doctor and get help.

Children who grow up with undiagnosed vision problems are often unaware that what they see is abnormal, and that means they don’t know to ask for help. The yearly Vision & Learning Month campaign encourages parents to take their children in for a comprehensive vision exam every year.

Children with vision problems that are not diagnosed and treated may struggle in school and often go on to be adults with the same vision problems–children do not “grow out of” these difficulties.

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